Saturday, October 3, 2009

How to post an event on Facebook

If your company is having an event, you can use Facebook to invite customers. This is a great way to advertise a grand opening or an informational meeting. You can post online events, such as webinars, by using Facebook's event application.

On your Facebook page, look down at the bottom left. There is an icon that looks like a calendar. It's the one with the number 31 on it. Click this button. Then click the "create an event" button on the top right of the following page. On the next page, you can enter the title of the event, tell who is hosting the event and when and where the event will take place. Next, write a brief description about your event. This is where you tell your customers why they should attend. Be sure to use key words and phrases in this box. Be sure to add your e-mail address and phone number.

After you click the "create event " button on the bottom of the page, you will be able to upload a photo. Here is where you have to decide to put your photo, the host or speaker's photo or your company logo. When you have completed this step, you are all set to begin inviting friends from Facebook to your event.

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